War in Europe – Time for Peace Talks

Sir, – Fintan O’Toole’s article (Opinion, March 15) rationally avoids the increasingly hysterical attitude of the Western media and NATO towards the war in Ukraine.

He points out that unless Ukraine becomes the new Afghanistan or Iraq, the Ukrainians themselves must curb their natural and understandable impulse to defend their country by continuing to fire on the Russians; until hundreds of thousands of their civilians were killed by starvation, disease and neglect.

This is what happened during the more than 15 years of war in Iraq where he estimates that a minimum of 500,000 civilians died. And there was no mention of American leaders being charged with war crimes for bombing civilians.

The same with Libya, Syria and Afghanistan. If Israel bombs thousands of Palestinian citizens to death as it has done on several occasions, this is collateral damage. If Russia does the exact same thing, it’s a war crime. Common sense must prevail, the volume of media shouting must be drastically reduced, unless something even more unimaginable happens: a nuclear war.

The clanking of sabers must cease on all sides and a cool head must prevail in order to negotiate, even unsatisfactorily, a peace agreement that is at least tolerable for the protagonists on both sides.

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