Travel to Europe: Travelers share six mistakes to avoid in fun TikTok

Kimberley Crossman shares her top travel tips and how she relaxes after long-haul flights. Video / NZ Herald

Three travelers have shared six mistakes they made while traveling in Europe this summer.

Three women have taken to TikTok to share six tips they wish they had known before embarking on a journey across Europe.

“Avoid these mistakes so you don’t end up like us,” one of the girls, whose name is Nada, wrote on the video, which has received more than 2.5 million views.

1. Book a seat

The first piece of advice was for those traveling in Europe by train.

“Book the burn on trains if you are traveling by train you can do this on the train lines website,” one girl said.

If you didn’t reserve a seat, she warned, you’d end up “sitting on the floor for four hours.”

2. Know the difference between hostels and hostels

When it comes to accommodation, the couple said people should understand that not all hostels are the same.

“We thought hostels were only full of 20-25 year olds, but there is a difference between hostels and hostels.” She says. “All the hostels we stayed in…well, three out of four were with adults and adult men.”

In response to comments, Nada clarified that there was nothing wrong with adults staying in hostels, but their group did not feel comfortable.

“It’s just that we are young girls who feel safer staying in a room full of strangers who are women than strangers who are men,” she wrote.

3. Don’t believe everything on social media

Ironically, the third tip was to take social media content with a grain of salt before going to Europe.

Don’t pay too much attention to TikTok because of the romantic stuff, so you show up at a bar like Lucerna and you’re seriously disappointed.

4. Buy a belt bag
The next nugget of wisdom was not a mistake, Nada said, but advice.

“Buy a lulu belt bag like all of us,” she said, panning the camera to show each of the girls carrying the popular shoulder bag.

“He keeps your things on your chest and no one can steal them from you.”

5. Validate public transport tickets

Short and sweet, the girls warned people to validate all public transport tickets.

However, other travelers agreed that this rule surprised them.
“I almost got arrested in Budapest because I didn’t,” wrote one viewer.

“It happened to me in Budapest too. I had a ticket but I didn’t validate it and they had these people at the exits,” says another.

After purchasing a ticket from a self-service machine, people must take the printed ticket to a validation machine, where it is validated with a date stamp.

This must be done for train and bus tickets in many European countries.

6. Wear black in Berlin

The last tip was about what to wear if you wanted to enter Berghain, a notoriously exclusive Berlin nightclub.

“Wear black from head to toe if you want to enter Berghain, otherwise you will be refused,” said one girl with a smile.

In the comments, travelers asked to know more about how to get into the club, but Nada said they only knew other people’s advice because they were denied entry.

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