The United States is banned, but here are 14 countries to visit


After a four-month travel ban, Europe will soon be officially open to visitors from at least 14 countries. Not the United States, not Brazil and Russia. But Australia, Canada, Japan and South Korea do.

After much debate, especially on the inclusion criteria, the final list of approved countries should be unveiled at the start of the week. EU officials argued again on Friday over which countries would make the list and which would not.

According to The world This has resulted in a list of 14 countries that will get the green light to travel to Europe from July 1. The list must be revised every fortnight, as the return of international tourism to Europe is gradually taking place. There is no doubt that it will be gradually developed.

Here are the early risers in alphabetical order, for which the EU plans to lift the travel ban first:







South Korea



New Zealand





To note: Arrivals from the “micro-states” of Andorra, Monaco, the Vatican and San Marino are also welcome.

China and reciprocity in opening borders

Other than infection rates In other countries, and their Covid-19 response, another factor weighs heavily: Has the country lifted travel restrictions on the EU. Something that is still not the case with the travel ban in Europe imposed by President Trump. Although the health situation excludes the United States for the moment in any case.

For China, it’s different. He represents a sort of No. 15 on the initial list. But its inclusion depends on the opening of its borders to travelers from the EU. “Chinese travelers could enter Europe, but on condition that their country respects the principle of reciprocity by authorizing Europeans to go to China,” reports Agence France-Presse. “This is not the case at this point and is considered unlikely in the short term.”

Why has this list shrunk dramatically?

According to Euronews, 54 countries were on a draft list obtained from “EU diplomatic sources” on Thursday. “It is clear that these numbers can continue to fluctuate. ”

Was it a heated discussion of the epidemiological criteria used to determine the two lists that saw it shrink so dramatically in one day? From 54 to 14, it’s a hell of a fluctuation. As the EU border reopens to non-essential international travel for the first time since March 17, a list of around 50 countries has been on the table for a week.

The preliminary draft listing offers an overview of other third country nationals who may soon be welcome in the EU / Schengen area. In addition to the Caribbean nations, it includes many other countries in Southeast and Central Europe, as well as Africa, the Western Pacific, and Southeast Asia. The measure of the opening of borders to international travelers is the average Covid-19 infection rate around or above the EU average of 16 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Forbidden countries

It is understood that approximately 50 nations have also been placed on a prohibited (“red”) list. Borders will not be hastily reopened to them. Besides the United States and Russia, they are so far known to include Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

No limit for UK travelers

British travelers are treated like their fellow Europeans during the Brexit transition period. Until the end of the year, they enjoy unlimited travel and are exempt from the travel ban. said the EU. The UK is also planning to keep Americans at bay, with quarantine on arrival.


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