Russian tourists rush to Croatia to get vaccinated and enter the rest of the world

In early 2021, when most people still did not have the opportunity to get vaccinated, there were numerous reports of vaccine tourism. Across the United States, people have made “trips” to states that offered to bite those who wanted the vaccine, even though they did not live in the state. People have been reported to travel to Florida from as far away as Brazil and Argentina for this exact reason. In February, a travel agent in Florida was arranging vaccination trips to Israel for $ 850, then charging $ 2,000 to rent a house for two months to wait for a second injection before returning home.

An exclusive ‘travel and lifestyle service’ in London called Knightsbridge Circle, advertised Covid-19 vaccine trips to the Emirates for people over 65. Cuba has implemented its own advertising campaign to attract vaccinated tourists, and Indian tour operators have arranged trips to London or New York for customers to get their Pfizer vaccines, then a quick tour of some sites before returning home. A little later, in April 2021, the Maldives archipelago launched a new vaccine tourism campaign, called “3V”, attracting tourists using the slogan “Visit, vaccinate, vacation”.

And now, in the last cycle, hundreds of Russians have traveled to Croatia to be vaccinated, with an EU-approved vaccine, so they can travel freely through Europe.

Croatia is offer free vaccines to everyone, even people from overseas, and so that’s where they’re headed. Once Russian visitors have an EU-approved vaccine, they receive an EU Covid digital certificate which allows Russians to visit other countries in Europe then other countries of the world.

The Russian government currently only offers the local Sputnik V vaccine and, by contrast, anyone vaccinated with the Sputnik V vaccine faces very severe travel restrictions and quarantine requirements across the EU.

The director of a vaccination center in Croatia, Dr Neda Ferencic Vrban, Recount France 24 that “from April to October 2021, 4,908 foreigners, mostly Russians, were vaccinated here. It was only during this month that we had around 1,000 Russians who received vaccines. “

Reuter’s vaccination tracker says just over 35% of Russia’s adult population has been fully vaccinated.

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