More EU countries fully open in May

As more European travel restrictions are lifted as summer approaches, three more countries are following suit, joining Greece, whose government recently announced that from May 1, travel restrictions trip would be cancelled.

Switzerland has removed Covid-related travel restrictions

As of May 2, 2022, the country has removed all Covid-19 related travel restrictions, meaning there is now a lot less hassle traveling to the land of wonderful train rides, chocolate and scenery alpine.

No proof of vaccination, recovery or testing is required for entry.

Bulgaria removed travel restrictions from May 1

On April 13, Bulgaria removed travel restrictions from several European and neighboring countries, including Poland, Israel, Turkey and Serbia.

Since May 1, it has decided to open its doors to all and, as indicated on the website of the United States Embassy, ​​”travelers arriving in Bulgaria no longer need to provide documents related to Covid -19 to enter the country”.

Lithuania has opened its doors to everyone

Since May 1, Lithuania has declared that its borders are open to everyone, regardless of their country of origin and regardless of their vaccination status.

The Lithuanian Ministry of Health has stated that “travellers arriving in Lithuania from anywhere in the world will no longer be subject to any Covid-19 management requirements: they will no longer need to take a COVID-19 test. before travelling, even if they are sick. or vaccinated, and will not have to complete a questionnaire from the National Public Health Center.

Domestically, the country has also dropped its mask requirement and the need for mandatory self-isolation once it contracts Covid-19.

These three countries now join the growing list of European countries that have got rid of all Covid-19 travel restrictions and those that have removed mandatory mask-wearing.

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