Meat Sector Bill Consolidation Shifts From Bananas To Blueberries

A freshman congressman on the U.S. Bill Consolidation House Agriculture Committee says there is not enough discussion within the committee regarding concentration and consolidation in the meat industries and poultry.

Rep. Tracey Mann, R-Kansas, in a town hall phone meeting on September 23, said the issue is extremely important to him as he grew up in a cattle ranching family and the First District of Kansas, which he represents, is the country’s No.1 beef producing district Bill Consolidation”}” data-sheets-userformat=”{“2″:8705,”3”:{“1″:0},”12″:0,”16″:10}”>Bill Consolidation

This issue has become a high priority for some senators, such as Montana Democrat Jon Tester and Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley. Since JBS was the victim of a cybersecurity attack, the proposed merger between Wayne Farms and Sanderson Farms has been announced and JBS has revealed its intention to repurchase the remainder of the shares of Pilgrim’s Pride.

However, Mann said most of his colleagues on the House agriculture committee apparently didn’t find industry consolidation as important as he did. For example, he said that a few days ago, at what he called a “lively” meeting of the agriculture committee, there was a lot of discussion about proclaiming July as National Blueberry Month. .

“I have nothing against blueberries, but the agriculture committee needs to spend some time talking about consolidation in the meat industry. We need to talk about markets. We need to talk about the next Farm Bill. So I was pretty pissed off, as were the rest of the committee, ”Mann said.

“I have a lot of concerns about the consolidation we have. I have a lot of concerns about the process we are seeing and how out of order the markets seem. ”

Mann says more competition is needed

Mann said he knew the US Department of Justice was investigating industry consolidation issues “to make sure nothing illegal is happening.”

But he also thinks that more needs to be done. More competition is needed in the industry, and he believes the role of government should be to provide more incentives to other processors to increase competition.

Foreign ownership of US packers and processors

Mann also said there needs to be more dialogue and scrutiny regarding foreign ownership of meat and poultry processing facilities in the United States. Although Mann did not name any specific company, National Beef, in which Brazilian Marfrig Global Foods owns the majority of shares, has two factories in the Mann district. One is at Dodge City and the other is at Liberal. Tyson Foods and Cargill also operate beef plants in the Mann District.

According to Mann, technology companies “cannot be bought by a foreign company without a rigorous review process” to ensure that the acquisition would be in the best interests of the United States.

However, Mann said farm businesses have largely been “exempted” from this same type of review process. It’s something he thinks should change.

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