Lisbon airport plagued by delays and cancellations as European travel chaos continues

Air travel chaos is spreading across Europe this summer as strikes by terminal workers and airlines lead to thousands of flight cancellations.

More than 100 flights to and from the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, were removed over the weekend. Thousands of passengers were caught in long queues at the airport.

Portugal’s air authority, ANA, said it has put in place measures to support airlines, such as extra counters for rescheduling flights, but many families’ travel plans are already in shambles. Travelers have also complained about the lack of information from airlines about the disruption.

“They postponed our flight after the cruise left Italy,” said a woman who was waiting with her family in queues at Lisbon airport.

“We are desperate, there are old people and children. We are trying to get a flight with another airline so as not to miss the cruise.”

“This is the first time my husband has been to Brazil, he is traumatized,” added another woman.

The delays this weekend have been blamed on a variety of factors. Some sources suggest a private jet that burst a tire was to blame. Others blamed TAP airlines as airports like Faro, which have fewer TAP flights, did not suffer from the chaos over the weekend, despite increased visitor numbers.

How will long queues affect my holiday in Portugal?

Delays have been reported at Lisbon airport since mid-June. Although bosses have claimed they will almost double border control staff, union representatives expect the delays to continue.

Many travelers arriving in Lisbon have been forced to queue for hours to pass through the airport.

From July 1, Portugal has canceled all its remaining COVID trips restrictions that could help alleviate queues on arrival.

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