Folo Podcast: Travel in Europe, Advisors and the Art of the Pivot: Travel Weekly

Clockwise from top left: Christina Jelski and Rebecca Tobin of Travel Weekly, Phillip Archer of Roaming Richly Travel, Dan Scher of Strong Travel Services and Craig Mungary of Elite Global Journeys.

At the end of last month, the European Union removed the United States from its “safe travel” list due to the increase in Covid cases here. It is still up to all EU member states to decide on restriction and protocol levels for all their inbound travelers, and so far only a few countries, such as Italy and the Netherlands, have changed their entry conditions.

Still, the ad created confusion, and advisers both sought to reassure nervous customers and worried about the deterrent effect the ad might have on future bookings.

This week, Phillip Archer, founder and chief designer of The Experiment Roaming Travel Rich, Craig Mungary, owner of Elite Global Travel, and Dan Scher from Solid travel services spoke with Christina Jelski, retail / hotels editor, and host Rebecca Tobin about the confusion surrounding the EU announcement and the way to travel in Europe right now.

And we’re talking about the critical art of the pivot: preparing for changes in flight rules and schedules, staying flexible, and coming up with creative solutions to keep travelers on track in Europe or elsewhere.

And in the third section of the podcast, we discuss the complex nature of travel bookings and the decision to charge a fee for travel planning services.

This conversation was recorded on Thursday, September 9 and has been edited for length and clarity.

Looking for part two of our cruise episode? We’re releasing it next week – stay tuned!

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