Europe travel guidelines: Indians plan overseas travel as Europe eases travel restrictions

International flight bookings from India are on the rise as more people get vaccinated against Covid-19 and more countries ease restrictions on travelers.

While Dubai and Male topped the list of destinations in August according to data from Mumbai and Delhi airports, bookings for European destinations such as the UK, France and Switzerland are also on the rise, as are requests for the United States, travel industry executives said.

“As restrictions on international travel begin to ease for Indian travelers, people are actively considering and planning leisure and business travel for the near future. As the overall macro environment improves, many have started to research and book tickets 30 days prior to travel date, ”a spokesperson for MakeMyTrip said, adding that Thailand was also on the move. demand.

“The Maldives and Dubai have been the preferred international destinations for Indians. On our platform, we have seen a 10X increase compared to July 2021. Compared to last August, the increase is more than 4X for these destinations,” said Prahlad Krishnamurthi, Business Manager. agent at the Cleartrip travel portal.

“We are also seeing an increase in bookings to European and American destinations. Travel to these destinations in August 2021 increased 1.3 times compared to July 2021 and 3 times compared to August 2020, ”he said.

A person traveling to Dubai must undergo an RT-PCR test 48 hours before flight departure and a rapid antigen test six hours before. Humans require an RT-PCR test.

Indian travelers to the UK should be quarantined on arrival as they do not recognize any of the vaccines used in India. However, it recently updated its official travel advisory for India to reflect the country’s improved status under the Covid-19-based traffic light system, no longer advising against ‘all travel except essential’. The United States has also eased travel restrictions. The Mauritian government has announced that it will reopen its borders from October 1. According to data from Mumbai Airport, the number of passengers to and from Dubai in August increased 241% month-on-month to 37,130.

They made a total of 299 inbound and outbound flights. Passengers and flights doubled from August 2020, but were only a fraction of pre-Covid levels in August 2019.

“Airlines such as Emirates, Flydubai, Air India and IndiGo were the main airlines carrying around 19,740, 5,940, 5,900 and 4,815 passengers respectively. In addition, weekdays saw more than 19,000 passengers while more than 17,000 passengers traveled on weekends, ”said an airport official, who declined to be identified.

Delhi has seen an even greater increase. A total of 32,091 people flew from Delhi to Dubai in August, 33 times more than in July 964 and more than two and a half times compared to 12,597 in August 2020.

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