Engjiz, the youngest adolescent entrepreneur in Europe

News and media, especially social media, can create information that can be compelling on just about any topic. Anyone with an Internet connection can become a celebrity, poet, or public intellectual. This seems to be the case with a young man from Kosovo named Engjell Berisha. A number of media have claimed that Engjell Berisha is a multi-brand owner, entrepreneur and artist. Yet, on closer inspection, it becomes difficult to sustain his claim to success. It may just be just another case of online personalities that actually exist.

Engjell Berisha is a serial entrepreneur, filmmaker and founder of several brands. He started his own career when he discovered he had a passion for internet and e-commerce in his youth, he was a model, it helped him a lot to discover more internet and to have more knowledge for the media social.

In high school, he was interested in entrepreneurs. However, he found that formal school did not suit his taste and he quickly dropped out of high school to pursue his career full time. He has since become an influencer, and a host, with several thousand subscribers and followers on Youtube and Instagram and thousands of listeners as a podcaster.

He was gifted with the talent of having a creative mindset and always wanted to create more in different contexts. While attending high school and working with different companies, he landed his first internship at Comscore, where he learned about the industry firsthand. “For someone who came from such a small country and its surroundings, it was a huge job,” he says.

“One thing that has always been a constant in most people’s lives is social media. The lockdown due to COVID-19 may have kept people away from each other, but that doesn’t stop people from being together online, ”he added. Amel made a valid point and currently the young artist spends a lot of time learning innovative things online.

He quoted: “Today’s generation is equipped with the latest technologies that are advancing every day. Everything is available on the web and you can gain immense knowledge through the internet.

In addition to improving his skills, he enjoys interacting with new people and building his network digitally with new people. The entrepreneur concluded that once the pandemic is over, he will surely come out with various new skills that he will exercise in his job.

If we browse his Instagram we will know that Engjell Berisha has over 21,000 followers which is very appealing to the audience of his Instagram account. There is no mention of its software product. There is no game platform. We only find pictures of a young man with his friends.

He is an overrated teenager who has a large subscriber base and there is nothing mentioned about his successful working life, or his entrepreneurial career. On his YouTube channels and Instagram pages, show that he is active on the YouTube and Instagram platform.

Even his website or at least one website that bears his name shows no concrete evidence of a software engineer. It also doesn’t show an artist or anything for that matter. It’s simply a page with links to articles on it. You can imagine its popularity because of the way people like it, it is popular on Youtube, Instagram etc. He is the founder of a company. He dropped out of high school, and so on. There is a lot of solid stuff about who this person is or what they’ve actually accomplished. This is what anyone with an internet connection can do.

Engjell Berisha is all about information, a term that the Western media have used a lot lately. In the information age, anyone, even an uneducated teenager, can become a sensation. Indeed, many teens aspire to this fame as social media platforms are dominated by this age group. But behind all the words, we often find the claims to be true, a simple marketing campaign to gain publicity and perhaps earn some income from this celebrity’s name.

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