Another major destination falls into CDC’s highest risk category

Even though it’s Christmas week, there hasn’t been much holiday cheer in the travel industry.

Lockdowns, restrictions and advisories are increasing day by day, especially in Europe, where COVID-19 cases continue to rise and destinations are deciding how to respond.

Some, like France and the Netherlands, have entered a containment phase which prohibits non-essential travel and activities.

Others are introducing new entry restrictions and requirements, closing public spaces, such as theaters and cinemas, and canceling events, such as beloved Christmas markets.

And now, just yesterday, the CDC has moved Spain into its highest risk category (Tier 4) as the Omicron variant spreads and COVID-19 cases rise.

Americans are advised not to travel to destinations on the Tier 4 list, which now includes most of Europe: France, Germany, Greece, Italy and the UK are all listed on the list.

This obviously doesn’t bode well for holiday travel plans or the start of the new year. In total, there are nearly 90 countries at Level 4 as we head into 2022, casting extreme doubt on the feasibility of travel in the winter months ahead.

Safety and health are the main concerns when deciding whether people travel or not, but logistics will also play a role. Even if one feels safe, one may not be inclined to travel if entry requirements and restrictions complicate the process.

For now, all we can do is wait and see how things develop after the holidays. But, if you have European travel plans for January, you might want to start looking at the relevant data and restrictions.

You can see a full list of countries on Level 4 alert here. Then click on the country name to read more detailed information from the CDC.

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